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Opalhouse String Lights

Our microdot fairy lights are splendid accessory for your outdoor setting, with their unique microdot designs, these light options are sure to be a hit with your audience. Plus, their mini orbs are uncomplicated to set up and manage, making them unequaled for busy neck of the wood.

Opalhouse 20 ct. Indoor / Outdoor Pineapple LED Solar String Lights

Opalhouse 20 ct. Indoor /

By Opalhouse


Opalhouse String Lights Amazon

Our string lights are beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor setting, with their intense green and red light beautiful technology, these light are sure to add color and light to all setting. With the light, they are sure to add just the right amount of indexed light to each setting, whether you're scouring for a little more power or you're scouring for a bit more privacy, our string lights have you covered. The new Opalhouse led fairy lights palm leaves gold bohemian boho classic string lights are beautiful way to add a touch of luxury to your home office or home, these string lights are splendid for a cozy movie night or a relaxing evening out. Our Opalhouse string lights are made of durable glass and are covered in protection for your property, our Opalhouse string lights areight-able and effortless to set up with our effortless to adopt set up station. Our Opalhouse string lights are designed to look exceptional and perform better, if you're wanting for string lights that will make your home opal or stone-based, you may be scouring at the Opalhouse string lights. These lights are indoor/outdoor weather resistant, with six different colors that can be set as dark blue, blue, green, yellow, or red, the can be turned off after each use to avoid light waste, but still give your home an Opalhouse look. The Opalhouse strings are unique type of light that are created by using an elaborate system of colored or tortoise shell pieces that connect and than the Opalhouse string lights are made of 14 different colors that can be set to work together in different light shows, this set of light up building blocks is outstanding for any event or presentation.