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Opalhouse Woven String Lights

Our 4 10 ct incandescent mini outdoor colored string orb string lights are made of light-colored string light up with incandescent light, they look fantastic as a piece of art or as part of a home decor. They are effortless to put on the wall and are top-of-the-line for any occasion.

Cheap Opalhouse Woven String Lights

Our 10 ct opalhouse- elongated rattan Woven outdoor string lights is a beautiful string light design with an auger hole and large, bright light, they are great for a small or large garden, and are sure to turn an into a beautiful night time landscape. Our 10 ct Opalhouse open hood string lights are unrivaled alternative to add a touch of opal to your home decor, with their bright, white opal visuals, these lights will add a touch of elegance to all decor. Made of natural Woven paper, these lights are uncomplicated to care for, and will provide a beautiful light show, our mini or house string lights are inspired by the natural colors of the world. Each light is associated with a single word or symbol, and renders a colorful light project, the colors are hope, love, water, and of course, incandescent lighting. Our mini west african opal house string lights are inspired by the traditional boiled or periwinkle from the region, these string lights are made of durable plastic and are designed to last for years of use. They are inspired by the nature's natural beauty and provide natural light in your room or garden, the mini string lights are basic to order and available in 4 colors (yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). We also have a sale today on all our items so don't miss your chance to order them before the price increases become permanent.