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Rose String Lights

Rose string lights are top-of-the-heap solution for your next christmas party or wedding! With 20 led lights, you'll be able to generate a powerful and illuminate the room you're happy in, plus, the beautiful string lights can be used as a topping on your christmas dinner.

Led Rose String Lights

Our led Rose string lights are valuable addition to your next christmas party or holiday event, with healthy levels of color and light, these light org are valuable substitute to show off your favorite people. With a wide range of light levels and oxford-quality glass, these lights are sure to light up your event, this cute and colorful string lights set is top-quality for a fun and exciting home party or wedding! Of course, the stars will never flutter without Rose flowers as the centerpiece! This set offers 9. 84 ft 5 of 20 led flower lights string with a battery operated option, the beautiful red, yellow, and green lights are basic to control with 9 eco-friendly batteries. This is a fun and festive gift for the admire of christmas! The best-in-class addition to a christmas party, or just a fun addition to each room, these led string lights are first rate surrogate to show off your favorite appreciate letter, with a durable and bright light source, these lights are fantastic for a fun and excitement-filled gift. This is a battery operated light show with Rose string lights! The show can last anywhere from 16, 4 to 30 minutes, with a top-grade show lasting on average of 30 minutes. There are 30 leds in an 16, 4 foot long Rose string, making it an unequaled length for a powerful show. The 25 watt light show can be operated with a rem, that sets off the 30 leds for up to 16. 4 minutes, this show can also be turned off with a rem. That sets off the 25 watt light show.